Taming Dark Stars

Cornelius Personal Log

In are first adventure out we are looking for a ship to salvage called the Emperor’s Bounty. Our command staff uses our contacts to locate this ship. I develope a contact with a Lady Youngdale. After we get the nessisary information we set off. We find the ship in a ships graveyard/battleground and it is tainted. After docking and boarding we make our way to the command center and find the ships navigator there with something attched to his 3rd eye. We engage him and after a tough fight we pull back to regroup. Most of the crew has been tainted and turned into mind zombies but we do find some of the crew that has been hiding out. With the information we learn from the survivor we develope a strategy to defeat the crew and the navigator. We learn that using the Gellar field will weaken the taint and we can then destroy those creatures. We make are way back to the bridge using a different route lead by a survivor named Ernhart. We engage thje navigator again and defeat him and the thing attched to his 3rd eye fall off and it appears to be a machine. The navigotor was from House Benatech.

Second Outing: We are in Port Wander and Lincoln has a meeting in the Courts of the Dead. Lincoln has a meeting with an older guy named Orbus. During the meeting Orbus was going to hand something to Lincoln and was attacked. I pulled my gun and shot the birdlike shadow that attack them. Then Lincoln moved off into the crowd and after the bird got out of sight I followed him into the crowd to back him up. 2 guys step out of the crowd and start firing to at us with burst weapons. We kill them. Station guards get there and ask us what happened. I found out that some kind of crystal data nemalyst (it is gene coded to Lincoln’s gene) was stolen. The crystal has information on the Righteous Path Ship and it was filled with treasure. It was a ship of the Emperor’s. It was a holy ship. The treasure was from Crystalian; a planet of alien’s and was 2.5 thousand years ago (pg 385). The ship disappeared after it was loaded with all these treasures. That data crystal had the location of the ship. We start looking for information about who stole the data crystal. They guys kill were last employed by the fell dynasty. Are master of spies get the crystal back. We need more info on this area. Sawyer is working on it.
We get a map to the ship we are looking for but in trade we have to take some books to Winterscales realm. We start are jumps.
In route we get a distress signal and go to investigate. We get attacked by 2 raider ship. We almost destroy 1 ship and they run way but they have a mine tracking us. We open parley with them and we agree to meet Loris at the Reach (a bar at Port Wanderer). We now investigate the Penitent traveler. It is a small bartered transport vessel. I lead a boarding party. They are headed to the world called Hope. Their engines were damaged and we are looking into it. They left from footfall. So we take the 1200 missionaries and we gut the ship of it valuable stuff.
We get to the system with the ship we are looking for. We start scanning the system for the ship. Sawyer and I take a boarding party down Magaros Minor. We lose 1 tech guy but get the data from a downed transport. The data talks about a crazy telescope on Magaros Prime where the crazy storm is.

We send a landing party down to Magaros Prime consisting of our command staff and 3 guards, a medic and a tech guy. We land just outside the storm area. The fucks up are sensors. The area was settled by aliens that were bigger than us but they have been gone for 2500 years. Once into the storm we have no communications with the landing craft or ship. We hear gunfire in front of us. The gunfire is from Orcs and another group. We get in the fight. After the fight we get into the telescope building and Sawyer sticks his face into the machine and we get the information we need to find the Righeous Path. A second group, larger than the first arrives and we leave out a back door.

Lady Ash is a psycher and Lord Captain Hadarak Fell is the rogue trader of the other group from House Fell. The Fell soldier gave the layout of his ship whish was a raider craft called the Fell Hand. When we got off planet Lady Ash was attacking our main ship with 2 frigates and a pirate ship.
We head to the location where the Righteous Path is in our little ship and crash. The ship is totaled but we survive. We head to the Righteous Path and get inside. We get inside and get to the bridge and open up the engineering area. While we are there we find an insignia on a corps from House Asmodian and the character name is Lady Astriana, the navigator. We head to the cargo hold and find boxes of treasure and then head to engineering to see if we get power to the ship. The engines work but we would need fuel but it can’t fly and no gunship. The other group from House Fell shows up and we try rig the ship to blow and fail but bluff it. We make a bargain to get off the iceberg with treasure and safety.
While we are waiting I go to the captain’s quarters and find dataslate and some personal items of the captain, while in there I hear whispering which I think is from the warp. After searching the captain’s quarters, I go search the chapel and high priest’s quarters and find his Aquila baton and a few small items.
Are ship arrives and we start transferring gear to are ship. Our psych’s are acting like something is wrong and checking are guys to out. It has to do with the whispering. It takes like 40+ hours to load the stuff. The original ship’s crew was attacked and killed by demons from the warp and they were still on the ship but dormant. They are attracted to life and were starting to wake up because of the people on the ship, that was the whispering. We head back to the Port Wanderer.
After we get back to Port Wanderer are tech guys crack the dataslate and find the location of the 73rd Planet that they get the treasure from called The Dread Pearl. The dataslate also talks about a foretelling of the seven witches that determines the location also. About 2 days after this a case of natural wine show up from Lady A.

11/11/12 We are all messed up pretty good so we decide to head to a medical facility to recover. We get back to Port Wanderer so we can heal and I am also looking for someone to repair my armor. We go to the Dr at Port Wander to get some cybernetic upgrades. We meet a new guy that is an Explorer his name is Vir Holt and he is going to fix my armor. He also informs us that the Dr is under investigation by the Inquisition. I also found out the Sawyer gave him some stuff that might be considered heresy. Sawyer is trying to go behind my back on this so I need to start watching him and the 2 telepaths. I have a feeling they are hiding more stuff. We go see the Dr the next day and find out about the DNA Sawyer gave him. It is a mix of human and xeno DNA. Inquisitor Abbot is the man pursuing him. The Dr was unable to save Abbot’s daughter and Abbot has been chasing the Dr ever since. The Dr heard of several legions of Empirical Soldiers coming. The DNA is Ternid Technology. It is mainly human DNA but has a mix of some alien DNA as well. We give him most of the DNA we have for payment for the surgeries. Gantz goes first. It will take a few days to regrow his arm. Sawyer goes next and then it is my turn. We get done with surgery and just recovering in the hospital. Our new guy is able to talk with the probe and its mission was complete and if it is fixed will just head home. It scouted 25 star systems. He is working for someone else. We get on a data pad with the procedure that the Dr performed on it and his name was Dr Killian. Someone stole the Dr’s Medical Servitor. I think the new guy took it but no proof. Inquisitor Abbot gets there and locks down the station but we think the Dr got out beforehand. Our Capt. has to go meet with Abbot to get permission to leave. We start heading out to the location. Vir fixed my armor so it is whole again. We are almost attacked by some ships in the warp but drop out and they don’t follow. We get to the system we are supposed to. We find a crashed gun cutter by where we need to go. On this planet there are 30 walking city in almost constant warfare. The people here are human. We land next to a ravine in the middle in a radiation storm. We find the Eldar Temple. We finish learning what we need to but a couple of the walking cities are heading to the down cutter. We head to the crashed cutter because the 2 cities start fighting each other and we needed cover plus our cutter had to leave the area to avoid the attacked. I have to perform first aid on Vir because he got shot with bullets. We find a crystal data pad on the cutter. We learn that the probe had received this message but that he hadn’t been able to relay it to anyone yet except Vir. We have information on who to talk with in one of these cities.


We are back in Port Wanderer. I acquire a new weapon so I can clean using holy fire, a flamer. I then go to the Inquisitors Station on the Port and report on Lady Ash and how she is a Renegade Psycher and that she is on the Fell Hand. I go to a meeting with a representative of Liege Tanthus Moross from the planet of Footfall called Nolan with our command crew. There are several of his men there as well. He has a proposition for us. He is offering to help us fence items we got off the Righteous Path. I find out we also have to deliver some books from the map maker having to deal with maps to Footfall along with the pilgrims. We head out to Footfall. The pirates are slavers and we are trying to figure how to save them. We find a hidden area in are ship where there is an extra/old bridge. Gantz seems to be talking to himself and some mysterious captain but Derious says he is talking to the ship. This used to be a Benatech ship. Footfall is a space station not a planet. We arrive there safely and it looks like a chaotic mess. It has a statue of the Emperor about 500ft high standing over the top of the station. We let the pilgrims out. There are people everywhere including xenos. We deliver the books as well. We are approached by a Crut ( which is a bird like creature) of the Red Wing Tribe and there are about 100 of them available and asked if we need mercenaries. Apparently we recruit them and they follow us. While we are eating the Crut get into a fight and cut off trophies and eat meat from their victims. Our Whisperer lets us know that some of our guys were being harassed and the Crut defended them. As we are leaving the Whisperer is waiting with a person who speaks Crut named Nayl and he is a linguist with the Adminastratum. The leader of the Crut is Crooked Beak and they are happy. On our way back to our fleet we are stopped by some people who are trying to shake us down for added fees. We see thru there falseness. After that another guy steps and is from the Liege Lord and we have an appointment with him. We go to are meeting. He arrives in a palanquin. We meet his senior staff and guests, there are a total of 7 people here. There is a foretelling soon and you need an invitation and it is at the Obsidian Emporium and to earn an invite you have to bid for a spot at an auction. Only the ten best bids will earn a spot. We bid 3 profit factor to get into the auction.
Cornelius Personal Log
We are back at the ship after the dinner. We are also trying to identify some of the stuff we took from Righteous Path. We head to the auction and I give up my weapons and armor. There are about 200 people here. One of the items bid was the Thigh bone of Saint Arany bid Abiduse Captain Jonas Excelsior, I will look into that. Captain Hammerfist is working on side deals for helping us secure the planet when we get there.

We go to the foretelling of the Seven Witches. During the foretelling I get pulled into the warp. I get a cypher put into my mind of a perfect gem that protects me and I must own it. The witches say “It is not a gem it is a pearl a dread pearl”. In the foretelling we lose a day. We make are departure and the station attacks us but we get out of range before they are able to do any damage. Just before we jump to warp space we see another ship get attacked and destroyed by an Eldar ship with cloaking ability.
One of the crewman kills another and convinces other crew members that are ship is cursed and to go with him. We find out that he is possessed and some of the crew that went with him might also be possessed. They mutiny and we decide to put him in the in the brig. We also find out that the demon has jumped from him to someone else. We find the demon in the galley. We head down to try and find him. It is the tech priest who is the new possessed. We bind him and put him in the brig. We also start looking for more possessed people. Gantz brought on 2 new people to help him and they are doing most of the looking.
We figured out a ritual to push the spirit out of the tech priest using my helmet and with me praying and Gants in the room trying to force him into a data crystal as a vessel of containment. Gantz gets attacked by the demon and takes a lot damage but does succeed in transferring the demon to the data crystal. I administer first aid to Gantz. I take the box the demon is stored in.

Cornelius Personal Log
Gantz is in the medical bay healing from his ordeal. Sawyer is working on the cargo. I have to help some the crew after they found out about the demon. 1 was beyond help.

We detect a strange signal as we move thru space. The language coming from the ship no one understands. Sawyer thinks it is some kind of probe. We capture the probe and it is trying to convince the ship to join it.
While travelling thru the warp we run into a warp storm. We do an emergency escape of the warp but get it is ruff, suffer some damage. After we get under control we scan the area and find a convoy of 6 ships of Stryxis. We get some useful stuff for are crappy stuff. We detected Eldar minds in the system and then we left.
We get into the Cupisi System were the treasure planet is. We are still having problems with the probe. We get to the planet and send out a landing party, I am 1 of them. As usual we crash. I get my stomach ripped open and almost die( spend a permanent fate point to live). I get cut open by the wing of the ship. My guts are melted to the wing and Capt is trying to cut me off and we get attacked by a giant dragonfly. Once I come to I start trying to perform surgery on my guts to get them back into me. I pass out a few times but I am able to get my guts back in me. We got help from the pirates and they took us to their ship. Then we get transferred to are ship.

Cornelius Personal Log

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