Taming Dark Stars

Sawyer in Footfall

Footfall was bustling as always. All matter of people were milling about. I spied some of our Kroot walking around.
They were always good for a smile.

For some reason my attention was drawn to the left and my gut told me to find a shadow. As I stepped into a shadow and took a small glance to my left I see the symbol. My heart starts to race and my palms start to sweat.

House Harklen, the adjuct house that serves my brother. They would be in many ways his right hand. They dispense his justice and root out his enemies. My only thoughts are that of prey running from the one that will devour them.

Steeling myself I take the time to watch, thankfully noting they had not seen me. To make matters worse it was the Lord Captain Franko Harklen himself with his retinue walking thru the spaceport. He had sat at my father’s table toasting and boasting for years. He would recongnize me in an instance if he caught sight of me. His personal guards were the ones that took my youngest brother out of his crib and smashed his skull into the nursery’s floor. Hell, it might have been ol’ Franko himself that did it.

I shrink further into the shadows as I watch them move on. It is fortunate that the world of Franko Harklen is not complex. Follow orders till death, theirs or his. He didn’t see grey areas, he just saw death, and he dispensed it with gusto. Hmm… maybe his death could lead a way back to my families providence. Of course my brother’s heart will have stopped by then, but Franko might be a single step on the road to providence. Or at least revenge.

As they moved to thier ship, I wondered, could the Lament take that ship? Would the Lord Captian allow his ship to do used that way? We will have to see what profit there would be in it.



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