Taming Dark Stars

The Bounty's Demise

Darius crossed through the open airlock and back onto The Emperor’s Lament. One hand protectively placed upon a box holding the head of the Benetek bastard from The Bounty, he waved with the other to the grunts to hurry back and leave the Bounty for good. It would be some minutes before they crossed with all the crates and salvage from the dying ship.

Each creak and grown of the broken spine of the Emperor’s Bounty served as a reminder that it was only a matter of time before the ship’s drive began spilling fire and poison and killed anything near it. To punctuate the danger, the hulk shuddered and smoke began boiling out of her belly and into the open bulkheads. The Lament, tied as she was to her dead sister by grapples and a boarding lock, vibrated with her. Mildly worried about the crew, Darius waved again. “Hurry up piston-heads, unless you want to be a martyr for The Emperor today.”

The last of the engineers and fire teams pulled their spoils from The Bounty and cycled the airlock.

“Captain Hammerfist, our crew is onboard, we are clear to leave.” Darius thumbed into the comms in his helmet.

The stations horn sounded and the lights went a little dark in the halls of the Lament. Darius felt more than heard the grapples disengage from the space hulk and begin to retract back into The Lament. A slight lurch in the stomach confirmed the firing of navigation thrusters. Darius watched as what was left of The Bounty fell away into the void. A few minutes later he saw a silent, fiery flare in the blackness of space that attested to the warrior’s end of that fated ship.

“Navigator to the bridge,” Hammerfists’ voice sounded over the comms, “we are clear of the debris field.”

The three-eyed mutant sighed, still clutching his box as he began the walk to his navigator’s station. Opening his prize he ignored the dead eyes of the Benetek navigator and instead stared at the golden worm shaped device that had become inert. It rolled lazily next to the head it had empowered. Darius lightly touched its runed surface and could hear a faint whisper.

He smiled, there was power there to be sure. Power if he wanted it. But more than that, there was a way to harm his enemies. He slipped the golden worm into an inner pocket of his navelite robes. He took the time to spit into the dead Benetek’s face before closing the box.

The bridge door opened. Captain Lincoln Hammerfist, accustomed to the eccentric behavior of his navigator, ignored the smile that played across Darius Torian’s face. “Navigator, take us back to Port Wanderer.”

Darius settled into his chair. “Aye Captain.” He barely uttered. His glowing third eye opened and The Emperor’s Lament plunged into The Warp.



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