Taming Dark Stars

The Cursed Path

If you let me in, I can help you. A voice whispered.

Darius looked around the navigator quarters of the ancient ship. Lady Astrianna had guided this ancient hulk through the Warp centuries before. A thin film of methane ice covered the interior of her cabin long since dead and vacant.

“Who’s there?” Darius looked around, his hand gently resting on the hand cannon at his side.

I can help you. It’s all here for the taking.

Darius smelled, rather than saw, the taint that was becoming apparent on the dead ship. Opening his will to the Warp, his third eye opened to the preternatural visions of his surroundings. A once beautiful navigator stood before him. Lithe and tall, her undead eye glowed at him from the Warp. The false vision of flesh was decayed and withered, but still, she smiled at him. The friendly expression could not hide the malevolence behind her eyes.

She was hungry.

His eye open, the navigator’s presence in the Warp was a beacon to the spirits of the dead. He could see the crew of The Righteous Path stirring. Their rotted eyes opened and began searching through the veil for him. Whispers began to drift through the air. Deep below he could hear the soft snoring of a daemon tied to the bowls of the ship.

“Gantz to the Navigator quarters, deck 223, room N17.” Darius thumbed into the vox.

“On my way.” Gantz replied.

Close to an hour later, Gantz arrived. The curios and artifacts of Lady Astrianna had been catalogued and secreted away. Darius would seek to return those items to House Asmotten, the family of Astrianna. Perhaps a favor could be curried with that House, but at the least, a noble warp guide might be put to rest.

“What’s wrong Mr. Torian?” Gantz asked the Navigator.

“Open your vision to our surroundings. This ship is cursed and we are not alone.” Darius replied.

Gantz took a deep breath and entered a light meditative state. Darius watched his facial features first go calm, then a frown, and then a smile. He could faintly hear the whispers between Gantz and the spirits, but could not discern their content. After a long while, the whispers stopped.

“There are thousands of them, tens of thousands.” The Astropath concluded.

The Astropath and Navigator, brothers in spirit, began deliberating if the taint and stir of the undead spirits could be used to their advantage. After seeking out the slumbering daemons and watching the dance of the cursed ships crew, action was decided against. There were just too many of them. The curse was too great. For now, the spirits would be left to slumber.

It was a resource, though, that would not be forgotten.



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