Choir Master Telepathica Gantz

Astropath Transcendent


Astropath Transcendent with sunken in eye sockets where his eyes used to be. Height 5’9 with very loose skin that is almost waxy and very pale shade of grey.


The Emperor’s Lament’s Astropath Transcendent. The ships oldest and quit possibly first crew member Gantz was the only crew member alive when Lincoln Hammerfist came across the ship. Held in stasis for a long period of time Gantz mind began to deteriorate and his powers became locked deep within his memories waiting to be unleashed. When asked about his memories he had only this to say "Faces etched in pain while cries of fear filled the ship’s interior are just the few images that haunt my brief sleep. I know of only two things for sure the first being hidden within my now insane mind are the secrets of my both my powers and the Emperor’s Lament. The second being the nagging in the back of my mind to seek revenge on the thing that stranded me in the ship awaiting death. My mission to find this thing and end its life is what drives me to endure the harsh battles along the way.

Choir Master Telepathica Gantz

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