High Factotum Grell "Sawyer" Yorke

Slight man that blends with any crowd. You will see him whispering in one man's ear and then on to another. Many people know of him, but few know him well.




Sawyer came aboard with Cornelious. They were not as much a pair as a tempest. They don’t exactly avoid each other, but they just don’t seem to be around each other unless there is a reason. Either the captain needs them or there is a religous rite that needs attending. It is odd that Sawyer can be so strict in his adherance to the tenants of the God Emperor and be so willing to deal with things that would have the Inquisition declaring you a heretic at the same time. I guess there are things that even the crew will never know. There are rumors that Sawyer was the child of a merchant lord and got caught stealing from or porking the wife of a more powerful family and is out here in the reaches hiding. Others speak of death squads that are looking for ole’ Sawyer and how they will pay handsomely. Most of the crew ain’t up to crossing someone like Sawyer as he deals with everyone, scum or Administratum alike. And to boot, the captain likes him, for now. There ain’t a soul aboard that is willing the cross the captain. Now if the captain takes a dislike to him… well we will all see how much he knows and how much he is just bluffing.

High Factotum Grell "Sawyer" Yorke

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